Lighting, mood and harmony!

Lighting is important.


It can make you look older, jaundiced and very aware of your mortal status. It can make you feel like you are about to be opened up and operated on, or make you feel like you are living in a moldy cave.


Flip the coin, and now you feel like you are the most gorgeous and desired person on this planet, or that you can read that recipe without having to squint like a mole.  (Do moles squint?)


Lighting can influence the mood of a room, the lighting fixture itself can express a mood! As with the furniture you select, the style of the lighting fixtures should be suitable in mood to the rest of the decor.


What we want to create is harmony – forgive me if I’m getting too yogic on you! You will be happy to hear however, that harmony does not mean that one has to use the same type of lamp and colour in every corner!

morelighting    kitchen light

In fact variety while making sure that it all looks like it belongs together will help you avoid monotony and achieve that sought after ambiance and mood! For example, you may have a living room with two floor lamps, one on either side of the sofa – but this might be a little boring. To make the lighting more interesting, and to add some variety, try adding a wall sconce and a desk lamp across the room.

party lights    outdoor light

Most importantly, don’t forget to make it your own – whether you want to re-use antique spoon ladders, infuse balloons with fluorescent light (break glow sticks and use the liquid!), or re-use antique bottles!


bottlelightbottle light


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