Bucket mania

I was procrastinating on Pinterest, as one does, and hoped to find an idea or two on how to use this old steel bucket James gave me as present from his road trip (read the On the road post!). Not only is this probably the oddest gift I’ve even been given, it’s also making my house look un-tidy and gritty!

Pinterest however saved the day! There are apparently thousands of ways to re-use steel buckets.

Here are my top fives !!

Number 1

Number 1


Because we are proudly South African.. the bucket braai won my heart!








Number 2

Number 2


I have a garden. I also have a husky puppy named Kito. My husky likes to dig holes and thinks     himself quite the landscape artist! So this idea is great for my poor suffering garden – I can now have  flowers at home.





number 3



I love organising. No no, I LOVE organising. Cool storage places make me happy. Storage places that can also be used as chairs – make me even happier. Imagine the possibilities: kids toys, shoes, bed sheets, blankets, craft papers and pencils …





number 4


This is just cool. Also I’m rather short and any high chairs are good to have in my house!







flipflop bucket

And last but not least – ta da. I am the queen of leaving my shoes lying around the house. Kito off course thinks that’s just the best thing in the world because nothing tastes better than smelly shoes! However this also means that I literally have only one pair of sandals left. And it is still summer in Cape Town.




Tip: Cleaning those steel buckets are apparently as easy as washing them with a little dishwasher and water – scrub the dirt away softly not to damage the zinc coating. And then you can apply a thin coat of car wax to make it pretty and shiny!


Just Junk has a number of these buckets left…


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