Our E-waste division

How E-waste harms our environment?

A growing problem:  Electronic waste may be defined as discarded computers, office electronic equipment, entertainment devices, mobile phones, television sets and refrigerators. Due to rapid changes in technology, media and falling prices there is a fast-growing surplus of e-waste around the globe. 

Toxic Chemicals: The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that only 15-20% of e-waste is recycled, the rest of these electronics go directly into landfills and incinerators. E-waste contains toxic chemicals such as mercury and CFC’s that have been linked to cancer and harms the environment.

How Just Junk helps?

We recycle: Recycling is the most effective solution to the growing e-waste problem. Various materials, including metals and plastics, can be recovered for future uses. This way, natural resources are conserved, and air and water pollution caused by hazardous disposal is avoided.

We reuse: Some components can be reused in assembling new computer products, while others are reduced to metals that can be reused for construction, flatware, batteries, and even jewelry.

We dispose safely: harmful materials and components that cannot be reused or recycled are safely disposed of by our hazardous waste division.

Contribute to ethical recycling by dropping off all your e-waste at our Claremont branch or call us 021 80 111 00 for collection.



Who we are

Established  in  early  2007,  JUST-JUNK!  has  become  a   well-­known  and  respected  brand  in  the  waste  solutions   and  logistics  industry. We are  conscious  of  the  environment   around  us  and  make  every effort  to  recycle  most  of  the   junk  we  collect. Re- usable  junk such  as  clothes,  food,   furniture,  toys  etc.  are  then  passed on to various charities  and  hospitals,  as we also believe in making a difference in our community. We also have two second hand stores in Cape Town where we sell furniture, appliances, decorative items, art pieces and much more!

Lighting, mood and harmony!

Lighting is important.


It can make you look older, jaundiced and very aware of your mortal status. It can make you feel like you are about to be opened up and operated on, or make you feel like you are living in a moldy cave.


Flip the coin, and now you feel like you are the most gorgeous and desired person on this planet, or that you can read that recipe without having to squint like a mole.  (Do moles squint?)


Lighting can influence the mood of a room, the lighting fixture itself can express a mood! As with the furniture you select, the style of the lighting fixtures should be suitable in mood to the rest of the decor.


What we want to create is harmony – forgive me if I’m getting too yogic on you! You will be happy to hear however, that harmony does not mean that one has to use the same type of lamp and colour in every corner!

morelighting    kitchen light

In fact variety while making sure that it all looks like it belongs together will help you avoid monotony and achieve that sought after ambiance and mood! For example, you may have a living room with two floor lamps, one on either side of the sofa – but this might be a little boring. To make the lighting more interesting, and to add some variety, try adding a wall sconce and a desk lamp across the room.

party lights    outdoor light

Most importantly, don’t forget to make it your own – whether you want to re-use antique spoon ladders, infuse balloons with fluorescent light (break glow sticks and use the liquid!), or re-use antique bottles!


bottlelightbottle light

Living spaces

Beautiful spaces and places that have been decorated with recycled materials, antiques and random items picked up at flee markets! Having a pretty home does not have to be too expansive with some good ideas and some carpentry skills 😛


A wall in the living area is clad with planks of reclaimed barn wood.

A wall in the living area is clad with planks of reclaimed barn wood.


The desk is made of a galvanized- steel drum base and a custom-made top! Select a pretty wallpaper, get some wood planks from the nearest barn and create your own shelving.

Mexican tile stairs - or any other bits of colorful tiles you have found! Start collecting now.

Mexican tile stairs – or any other bits of colorful tiles you have found! Start collecting now.


The living area includes a 17th-century verdure tapestry, 19th-century wing chairs, and an antique bench from Provence;  and the plaster sculpture was found at a Paris flea market. I like the steel bath - adds some warmth.

The living area includes a 17th-century verdure tapestry, 19th-century wing chairs, and an antique bench from Provence; and the plaster sculpture was found at a Paris flea market. 


I don’t know much about this space… but it’s a library, with warm colors many cushions and and I just want to be there. Now. Please?

Of chocolates and kids crafts

This weekend a friend and I went for breakfast at the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock in Cape Town. This is one of my favorite places to go to on a lazy Saturday morning – you get to eat, buy fresh and organic products and stroll around the Woodstock streets for vintage shops and quirky items.

biscuit mill

choc kid

My parents have a picture of me – much like this one at home. Some things don’t change I’m afraid.


As I was walking around the stalls I saw that there was a new exciting addition: a chocolate  factory! Chocolate turns me into a kid again – I can eat entire bars by myself, I love how it melts between my fingers and make them all sticky! Off-course I end up with melted chocolate all over my face – and yes- even my hair.

Now a chocolate factory…  let’s just say that after numerous failed attempts at asking me to stop jumping on the spot, my friend disappeared pretending not to know me. Can’t say I blame her.

CocoaFair is an organic chocolate factory founded on social entrepreneurship. What these fancy words basically mean – at least to me – is that the beans are sourced responsibly and sustainably, they recycle stuff, money goes back to the community and they make some of the finest chocolate in South Africa. Click  here for more information on CocoaFair.

choc fact1

2013-03-09 11.09.23


The chocolate is packaged in this awesome Klikerty box – made of recycled plastic bottles.

The blog MiriMoo gives you step by step instructions on how to achieve these beautiful gift boxes! According to the blog these are fun to do as a family and may take some practice to make perfectly. But who wants perfection anyways?



This little trip down memory lane reminded me of glued fingers, painted skin and ruined dresses! As a kid I loved making bird houses – all you need is an empty milk carton, glue, pretty paint, buttons/ribbons, or dried flowers,leaves wood – oh an bird seeds!


Vintage opera glasses

This came into our shop today:


2013-03-08 12.52.37

2013-03-08 12.52.21

It’s designer, the Chevalier company from Paris closed it’s doors to manufacturing in the late 1880’s, so these glasses pre-date that.It is made with brass and abalone, which is often referred to as mother of pearl.

This beautiful piece made me want to travel…


back in time

bird watching

Bird watching in the forest.
although I’m note sure who is watching who here…


Into Moonrise kingdom. My dream of being inside a movie may yet come true!


Watch Il Divo at the opera!


Go on safari to the Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania

whale watching

Go whale watching in Hermanus


Where do you want to travel?

And don’t forget your binoculars! Or be classy and use opera glasses….

Bucket mania

I was procrastinating on Pinterest, as one does, and hoped to find an idea or two on how to use this old steel bucket James gave me as present from his road trip (read the On the road post!). Not only is this probably the oddest gift I’ve even been given, it’s also making my house look un-tidy and gritty!

Pinterest however saved the day! There are apparently thousands of ways to re-use steel buckets.

Here are my top fives !!

Number 1

Number 1


Because we are proudly South African.. the bucket braai won my heart!








Number 2

Number 2


I have a garden. I also have a husky puppy named Kito. My husky likes to dig holes and thinks     himself quite the landscape artist! So this idea is great for my poor suffering garden – I can now have  flowers at home.





number 3



I love organising. No no, I LOVE organising. Cool storage places make me happy. Storage places that can also be used as chairs – make me even happier. Imagine the possibilities: kids toys, shoes, bed sheets, blankets, craft papers and pencils …





number 4


This is just cool. Also I’m rather short and any high chairs are good to have in my house!







flipflop bucket

And last but not least – ta da. I am the queen of leaving my shoes lying around the house. Kito off course thinks that’s just the best thing in the world because nothing tastes better than smelly shoes! However this also means that I literally have only one pair of sandals left. And it is still summer in Cape Town.




Tip: Cleaning those steel buckets are apparently as easy as washing them with a little dishwasher and water – scrub the dirt away softly not to damage the zinc coating. And then you can apply a thin coat of car wax to make it pretty and shiny!


Just Junk has a number of these buckets left…

The Eco Box

At Just Junk we believe in supporting local businesses with similar values and goals to our own. There are many good reasons for ‘going green’ – it helps cutting operating costs, it is healthier for employees, enhances your business reputation and thus leads to business growth – and as if these weren’t good enough reasons – it also helps save the planet!


Ecobox Eco-Friendly Moving Solutions was launched in June 2012 with a dream of providing a superior and more efficient product to move in,  while at the same time greening the removals industry.

Moving house? 

No more endless saggy, soggy cardboard boxes and rolls of tacky packing tape needed – bring on the ECOBOX! – a tough fully recyclable plastic handled and lidded box for easy packing and stacking. Rent one of their packages, tailored for your move – they’re delivered complete with a trolley for a really smooth move, and all collected once you’re done.

Nested on TrolleySml

Our 70L Ecoboxes are much stronger than cardboard boxes, they have grab-handles for easy lifting and won’t crumple with heavy loads- can carry up to 30kg’s per Ecobox and 7 laden Ecoboxes high. What’s more, there is no more need for packing tape or sticky labels. Windows on our Ecoboxes ensure that all your contents can be labelled on supplied recycled paper! Your Ecobox is then sealed with eco-seals.

Sleeve 1Sml

Yellow TieSml

How you can help us, protect the environment? 

Each Ecobox can be used 400 times before recycling  –  most cardboard boxes end up in landfills.This saves 3.5 trees per Ecobox lifespan. Move with Ecoboxes and save trees! Furthermore 1% of Ecobox hire revenue is donated to Food and Trees for Africa (click here for more)  for the planting of trees in the townships to offset our carbon omissions and improve the quality of life for all South Africans.

If you are a small business in South Africa and are concerned about  minimizing the environmental impact of un-sustainable development and growth – feel free to drop us a line and we will promote you on all our social media outlets!

On the road – scouting antiques

A few weeks ago James, big boss James, decided he would scout for antiques and vintage items. His destination: the Western Cape farmlands. After approaching some of these commercial farm owners and being told to “get off of my land”, James decided a new approach was needed! Not knowing that the words ‘shy’ and ‘self-consious’ actually exist in the dictionary, James started knocking on the farm workers doors – “I’m here to by your stuff”. Needless to say he came back, covered in dust from head to toe, with a very dirty  and packed car; exclaiming with a huge grin “Look at all this junk I got!” Hearing the word ‘junk’ made me scared – very scared, I thought he was buying antiques! What were we going to do with this junk that he was so proud of? Could we hide it, in some corner of the shop – just to keep him happy? Disaster scenarios were flooding through my mind!

Fortunately, it turned out – there was a lot of cool junk in that car. And the work Junk, took on a whole new meaning!

2013-03-05 12.48.44

Hohner accordion carved wooden material, the worlds best made in Germany.

One of these items, was an old (slightly broken) Hohner Accordion! This made us (the ever loyal   staff) very giddy as we attempted to use this beautiful instrument.


This is a picture of happy Gys – “Oh wow it plays two notes”! 


After we had our fun, I became slightly curious about this instrument – today the accordion is an international phenomenon, and used in electro music, classical music, folk, balkanology you name it! It seems to be one of those instruments that will always make you happy.
the cheng or sheng

So I did some homework. It turns out this happy instrument is of Chinese origins, from the reign of the “Yellow Emperor” around the year 3000 B.C. It is said that the Emperor sent off a scholar Ling Lun to the western mountain regions of his domain  in order to find a way to reproduce the song of the mysterious phoenix bird. Ling returned with the cheng.The cheng was unchanged for centuries, until it was taken to Russia around 1770 where it attracted the attention of European musicians and craftsman. Who then through the years, and a number of previous ‘editions’ perfected what we now know as the accordion.

Our very own Hohner accordion, is the result of over 100 years of experience in the design, construction and manufacture of high quality bellows-driven instruments. “The combination of skilled workmanship and modern technology is known worldwide as the distinguishing feature of HOHNER’s high-end instruments.”

I also now know – that the phoenix is my new favourite bird!